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San Diego is a Local Paradise

With extensive beaches, natural harbors and beautiful weather year round, San Diego has made itself an ideal paradise for most any walk of life. San Diego is quite close to the border of Mexico, and was in fact a Mexican territory prior to the Mexican-American War. Universities and youth that fills the San Diego streets make it a resting ground for culture and evolutions in learning. Globally San Diego is known as an absolute paradise in terms of climate and the level of clear air and water available to its immediate citizens. San Diego is truly a paradise on Earth.


A Multi-Faceted Law Firm

The Semanchik Law Group is a reputable law firm found by Nikki Semanchik and Michael Semanchick. Their combined experience as practicing attorneys in various fields of law spans over 10 years. Nikki Semanchick started in advising small business in estate planning though has recently decided to specialize in nonprofit law, by assisting nonprofit organizations with various legal needs. Michael Semanchick on the other hand has been working for the California Innocence Project (CIP) for nearly a decade and is the managing partner at SLG. The Semanchik law firm specializes in various practice areas including business law, estate planning, non-profit law and general counsel. Their pricing is based on a flat fee structure for the majority of services, however, more labor intensive services are billed at an hourly rate commensurate with the amount of research needed.


A Look at The Semanchik Law Group

The Semanchik Law Group is a leader in the legal industry. Their expertise spans a multitude of disciplines which include Estate Planning, Family Law, Business, and Philanthropic considerations. Although their home office is based out of San Diego, California, The Semanchik Law Group serves clients from a virtual office, and thus is able to offer both a competitive pricing structure and an expansive service area to meet their clients’ needs. The team consists of wife and husband Nikki and Michael Semanchik, who each bring a different area of expertise to the firm. The Semanchik Law Group prides themselves on their planfulness to match the passion of their clients.


The Guise of Leaving California

SAN DIEGO (KGTV) — A new report shows where Californians are moving after deciding to leave the state.

According to the Trulia report, a majority of Californians who leave the state are heading for sin city.

The report shows that more than 8 percent of those leaving coastal California cities headed for Vegas, which has a median home price of $260,000.

Californians leaving the state also headed for places with growing job markets like Seattle, Denver, Dallas and Portland, Oregon.
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The housing market is truly horrible in the state of California but it’s not that easy to just pack up and leave for another state. I understand that people have trouble making ends meet here, but relocating everything to another state is just plain crazy to me. I have my entire family, set of lifelong friends and experiences here in California. I’m not about to move to a hell-hole like Las Vegas or to places up north or mid-west in the chance that I might find a job and be able to afford a bigger house if any. I feel like that’s just a huge gamble to take on your life especially if you already have a lot of commitments where you live. I’m still going to hold out hope that the housing market clears up and homes become more affordable here before anything.


San Diego Zoo: A Great Place for a Family Learning Adventure

The San Diego Zoo located in beautiful San Diego, California is fun for the entire family. Featuring 3,700 animals of more than 650 species. Families can learn about different animals through the Animal Encounters programs. Some featured programs include Elephant Care Center where you can talk with elephant caregivers and maybe even have the opportunity to go inside the facility itself to see how the elephants live at the zoo. Other enrichment programs include Keeper Talks, where a zookeeper talks about different animals. Talks include things like learning about koalas or different types of insects.The Africa Rocks habitats showcase the amazing biodiversity of Africa. Different venues illustrate the animals and plant life of the African continent, from penguins and lemurs to meerkats and crocodiles, these areas are an explosion of education. This zoo also features double decker guided bus tours that cover most of the zoo and a breathtaking aerial tram tour over the treetops for an incredible perspective of the zoo’s animal and plant life.Multiple restaurants provide plenty of places for families to eat or you can pack a picnic and bring your own food for a more cost effective day out.

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Driving Direction

14 min (9.2 miles)

via I-5 N

Fastest route, the usual traffic

San Diego Zoo

2920 Zoo Dr, San Diego, CA 92101, USA

Get on I-5 N from Zoo Pl and Florida Dr

4 min (1.5 mi)

Continue on I-5 N to Sunset Cliffs Blvd

6 min (6.4 mi)

Follow Sunset Cliffs Blvd to Narragansett Ave

5 min (1.3 mi)

Semanchik Law Group

4861 Narragansett Ave, San Diego, CA 92107, USA